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Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture

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AdS/CFT at 20 and Beyond

Discussion Meeting AdS/CFT at 20 and Beyond 21 May 2018 to 02 June 2018 Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore In the past twenty years, the discovery of the AdS/CFT correspondence has revolutionized the study...

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Advances in Applied Probability - 2019

PROGRAM Advances in Applied Probability 05 August 2019 to 17 August 2019 Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore

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Air-sea Interactions in the Bay of Bengal From Monsoons to Mixing 2019

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Algebraic and Analytic Aspects of Automorphic Forms - 2019

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Algorithms and Optimization

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Analytic and Algebraic Geometry 2018

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Bangalore Area Strings Meeting - 2017

DATE: 31 July 2017 to 02 August 2017 VENUE: Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore This meeting is designed to bring together string theorists working in the Bangalore area. The meeting will have a set of short talks, which are designed to rapidly communicate the recent research interests of the speakers. The meeting will also feature a brief selection of interdisciplinary talks from other areas, and some longer talks from invited visitors. CONTACT US PROGRAM LINK :

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Bangalore School on Statistical Physics - VIII

Bangalore School on Statistical Physics - VIII DATE: 28 June 2017 to 14 July 2017 VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bengaluru This advanced level school is the eighth in the series. This is a pedagogical school, aimed at bridging the gap between masters-level courses and topics in statistical physics at the frontline of current research. It is intended for Ph.D. students, post-doctoral fellows and interested faculty members at the college and university level. The following courses will be offered. Preparatory lectures by Abhishek Dhar (ICTS) and Sanjib Sabhapandit (RRI) Critical dynamics by Uwe C Täuber (Virginia Tech, USA) Thermalization in quantum systems by Subroto Mukerjee (IISc, Bangalore) Non-equilibrium statistical physics: Introductory examples by Sidney Redner (Santa Fe USA) Conformal field theory and statistical mechanics by John Cardy (UC Berkeley, USA) Macroscopic fluctuation theory by Tridib Sadhu (TIFR, Mumbai) Statistical physics of active matter by (Sriram Ramaswamy (IISc, Bangalore) Registration opens on 1 December 2016 REGISTRATION DEADLINE 31 January 2017 CONTACT US PROGRAM LINK:

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Bangalore School on Statistical Physics - X

Srinivas Ramanujan Lecture Hall

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